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A Heart That Sings

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A Heart That Sings

Catherine Parsons

I am blessed with a heart that sings!

What is it that moved mankind to song? It seems to accompany experiences that stir the deepest feelings of the soul.  Our souls have the voice of music.  It comes from within us as though it has always been there; it recalls a melody as though we have learned it before; it calms our troubled hearts and spirits. Whatever our part in the heart-restoring music available to us, whatever portion our talents may enable us to bring to it, the purpose is to be part of it. 

It has been my privilege to be 'part of it' from very early memories, and passing on the blessings to others has become a life's work.

In rare moments where my heart has had trouble finding it's voice - times where singing until you feel like singing has not seemed possible - it has reminded me to find others to sing with me, or for me, so my heart can sing-a-long.

It is my hope that other's hearts will sing along with mine as I share some of my hearts song.