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Cath Parsons Poetry & Song

Music happens to me. Poetry helps clear my head & heart of difficult feelings - to celebrate beauty, strength and mystery. I am a mother of four, grandmother of five and a military wife of 28 years.

At the request of a dear friend, I helped established the Australian Military Wives Choir (AMWChoir) in 2012 as Music Director.  Originating in Canberra, Australia, the now national network of choirs support women of all ages who are connected to currently serving Defence Force members.  It is my privilege to be the AMWChoir National Music Director.  There is something about connecting with a group of women to whom you need not explain your choice to support a member of the military - women who instinctively understand what life includes for you.

For a little more detail please checkout the "Military Wife -  Beginnings," post on my Blog - A Heart That Sings.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of "Military Wife," will go to the AMWChoir.


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It has been my privilege to have music woven through my life from very early memory.  As a choir director, accompanist and music teacher over three decades, passing on this blessing to others has become a life's work.

To read a little more go to my blog post "A Heart That Sings."

I think in poetry - not all the time - but I often awake in the 'wee hours' with verse scrolling through my semi-consciousness.  Many of my thoughts roll out in rhyme - I enjoy it!  I hope you will be edified and enjoy it too.

A recently significant moment was being asked to present the "He Will Return," selection at the Australian War Memorial early in 2015.  Being introduced as a poet presenting her own work was moving beyond expression.  One day I will write a poem about that!

Click here to hear the poem included in this Australian War Memorial, "Partner's Project," presentation.