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He Will Return

In quiet moments when a separation becomes diffiicult, poetry seems to have been the means to restoring calm, or at least sanity. Those who support actively serving defence personnel may find treasure here, priceless, that remains hidden from most, but not all..

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To Words - FREE Audio Download


To Words - FREE Audio Download


Written as the second of a pair of poems in 2006, "To Words," speaks of the change in available communication over a few decades.

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Cath was privileged to present "To Words,"  at  "Of Words and War," an event held at the Australian War Memorial in February 2015.

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As part of the "He Will Return" collection, "To Words," shows the evolution in the way loved ones communicate with those at war.  No more weeks and months between writing the words and reading them.  The immediacy of contact can be a blessing and a curse!