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Written for those connected to currently serving members of a defence force, "Military Wife" was inspired by my experience, and words used by women to describe their experience - women who are members of the Australian Military Wives Choir. 

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Military Wife

Piano Accompaniment

When recording 'Military Wife' for the first time one of the AMWChoir members suggested Sylvia Wang record the accompaniment.  As the singers sat listening in the sound booth to the music that moves beneath our words, they realised they had never actually heard it before.  It was moving to learn their feelings upon hearing it for the first time. Hopefully you will feel so too. Scroll down to find Sylvia's recording, or purchase a copy of the sheet music and play it for yourself.

the last straw

'The Last Straw' was written in 2012 during a demanding staff position which saw my husband in location but rarely present.

To hear more recordings from 'He Will Return' scroll down a bit, or to purchase a copy visit the boutique.

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A collection of poetry written to clear my heart while my husband has been deployed on active service with the military. The collection spans service between the years 2006 to today, and covers deployments to East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.