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Your heart remembers

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Your heart remembers

Catherine Parsons

Photos were a precious commodity when I was young. You lined up a shot then weighed up the cost and worked out if this moment was worth capturing. Video did not become a thing until my late teens. There are few physical records of my musical adventures and I am glad.

My heart recorded experiences and they remain in my memory until a sight or sound, a scent, pulls them from sleep; capturing the moment of sensory connection when our hearts reach to harmonise.

We can build a circle of sound that resonates way beyond the physical experience - a safe, circular harbour of sound that no device can capture.

Your heart remembers. My heart remembers. And it sings.

This ANZAC Day, Australian Military Wives Choirs built safe, circular harbours of sound in reverence for those who served and died, and in memory of those who served and lived — so many returned and lived. Defence families cared for them then.  Defence families care for them now. 

We remember them.